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An Open Conversation

An Open Conversation Transformed

This design installation is a collaboration of a team of design researchers, faculty members and alumni at The Ohio State University. The project concept was inspired by the interplay between the written content, page structure, and graphic composition of a printed brochure, AN OPEN CONVERSATION, which was originally designed as an invitation to the opening of the Steelcase Corporate Design Center. The printed piece also described the new communication mindsets to be shared within the corporation, and with business clients and the design community.

This installation transforms the original twenty-four 6” x 12” pages spiral-bound book with concentric die-cut squares throughout the interior pages into a dynamic presentation.

The text, images and graphic compositions of AN OPEN CONVERSATION Transformed are given new forms, structures, motions, and voices. The essence of the original conversation is timeless. Today the design team engages and inspires new audiences with the same timeless essence of design collaboration using current mediums and technologies (Credits: Project Description Panel for An Open Conversation Transformed).

ROLE | Collaborator, design and production for the 2D motion graphics component.

DATE | September 2016